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Buttstock Cover


Buttstock Cover

Buttstock Cover

Buttstock Cover
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Protect the fine wood on your long guns by adding a quality suede leather Buttstock Cover.  Each Buttstock Cover is designed for a specific type of rifle or shotgun, ensuring a perfect fit to compliment your equipment.  Whether you are shooting a replica of an 1873 Winchester Rifle, an original or replica 1897 Winchester Pump Shotgun, or a Side-by-Side Shotgun, we have the Buttstock Cover to help you keep that firearm protected and on your shoulder. 

A huge benefit of the cover is that it keeps your long gun securely in place while executing your shooting at top speed.  Your lever action rifle will stay against your shoulder better than the original stock in brass, steel, or plastic, and will require less time for you to acquire and re-align your sight on the next target.  This feature of the Buttstock Cover not slipping around on your shoulder is key to speed and efficiency in using your long guns.  Another benefit is the protection the Buttstock Cover provides in your Gun Cart.  It will protect it from scratches and dings while transporting your guns from stage to stage.

Simply slip the Cover over your rifle or shotgun buttstock, position securely, and lace up just like lacing up your shoes.  Each hand-sewn and hand-punched Buttstock Cover is made from top quality suede leather and leather latigo strips.

Order a Buttstock Cover for each specific type of firearm.

‘66/’73 Winchester Rifle
‘66/’73 Winchester Carbine
’76 Winchester
'92 Winchester Rifle
’92 Winchester Carbine
’94 Winchester
Marlin Cowboy
’97 Shotgun
SxS Shotgun

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