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Custom Holsters


Leather Gun Holsters

If you want the finest cowboy leather gun holsters available, look to Lassiter and Cowboy Action Leather.  Whether you want a plain Rig or one dressed up with stamping, Conchos, or decorative Spots, we can make you a Holster Rig you will be proud to own and use for many years to come.

These leather holsters for revolvers are made to the highest standards of quality and are custom made one at a time to your exact dimensions and specifications.  Don’t settle for a copy-cat rig like everyone else has. Choose one of our custom leather gun holsters that reflect your personality and cowboy persona. 

All Lassiter custom leather gun holsters, regardless of design, are made with a curved belt to insure comfort and perfect fit.  The human body is not made perfectly round and the waist and hips of a person are not perfectly even.  Therefore, a straight belt does not fit well.  It has a gap at the top at the upper hip and pinches the person at the bottom of the lower hip.  It never lays down flat against a shooter’s body and can be very uncomfortable to wear.  It is also prone to moving around or slipping. 

Lassiter leather Holsters for revolvers are cut on a curve that fits all the contours of a person’s body at the hip.  The Belt lays flat against the upper hip and curves out to fit the expanding lower hip area.  Look at any old pants’ belt you have been using for many years and you will notice this curve.  Thin leather will take on a curve after being worn for a long time.  Lassiter Holster Belts are made from two layers of very thick leather and do not conform like a thin pants belt.  Lassiter has solved this by making the belt fit right from the beginning and continuing to keep its shape over time. 

Lassiter makes the holsters with a 9-10oz layer of leather plus a 7-8oz leather liner, and uses a special process to form them resulting in a very stiff  holster that fits your gun.  This stiffness insures the holster will maintain its shape and provide you with the speed and consistency needed to be a top competitor.
The holster area that surrounds the pistol is as stiff as if it were steel-lined, but uses no plastic or steel – just specially-formed top quality leather.  The Holster is sewn using saddle-making equipment to insure consistency and uniformity.

The cutout at the front of the holster serves two purposes.  First, it helps the speed of the draw from the holster, but more importantly in Cowboy Action Shooting, it serves as a means to re-holster quickly and efficiently to reduce wasted time putting one gun away to get to the other.  The top of the holster is flared out for precise re-holstering.

Another unique feature of our holster rigs is the angle of the holster as it hangs down a shooter’s leg.  These holsters are designed with a built-in cant that places the pistol grip at the perfect angle so the shooter’s hand naturally grips the pistol without having to do contortions with the arm or wrist.  This feature promotes efficiency and speed while maneuvering through a Stage.

Available in Black or Brown
Buscadero Rig Base Price $495.00
Mexican Loop Rig Base Price $495.00
Add Border Stamping +$100.00
Add Silver or Gold Spots +$100.00
Add Conchos + $10.00 each
Custom Buckles on Request  +Cost of Buckle

Pictured are samples of work done for Cowboys but you decide how you want your rig to look.

Contact us by email to order, get total prices and for modifications you want.  Include phone number where you can be contacted for choice verifications.

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