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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I specify what size Shotgun Belt I need?

  • With a flexible measuring tape, measure your waist-line in inches at the point you wish to wear your Shotgun belt and list it in the order section.
  • Include your e-mail address and we will respond by e-mail confirming your order and ship you the appropriate size.

How do I get a quote on a custom item I want?

  • E-mail your request to us giving specific information on what you want.  Please include item, size, color, variation, special stamping or decoration, and whatever else you desire.  We will respond with a quote and give you an estimated delivery date.  Once payment is received, your product will be manufactured to your specifications.

Why are Lassiter holsters made with curve in the belt instead of straight like other holsters?

  • The human body is not made perfectly round and the waist and hips of a person are not perfectly even.  Therefore, a straight belt does not fit well.  It has a gap at the top at the upper hip and pinches the person at the bottom of the lower hip.  It never lays down flat against a shooter’s body and can be very uncomfortable to wear.  It is also prone to moving around or slipping.
  • Lassiter Holsters are cut on a curve that fits all the contours of a person’s body at the hip.  The Belt lays flat against the upper hip and curves out to fit the expanding lower hip area.  Look at any old pants’ belt you have been using for many years and you will notice this curve.  Thin leather will take on a curve after being worn for a long time.  Holster Belts are made from two layers of very thick leather and do not conform like a thin pants belt.  Lassiter has solved this by making the belt fit right from the beginning and continuing to keep its shape over time.

How do I order a custom Holster that fits me just right?

  • E-mail or call and we will mail you a pattern for recording your custom measurements.  At that time we can discuss your personal choice of style, pistol type, holster length, color, border stamping, decorative spots, buckle choice, and other information to be determined.

What makes Lassiter holsters so thick and stiff?

  • Lassiter makes the holsters with a 9-10oz layer of leather plus a 7-8oz leather liner, and uses a special process to form them resulting in a very stiff  holster that fits your gun.  This stiffness insures the holster will maintain its shape and provide you with the speed and consistency needed to be a top competitor.
  • The holster area that surrounds the pistol is as stiff as if it were steel-lined, but uses no plastic or steel – just specially-formed top quality leather.

How do I become a dealer or distributor for Lassiter products by Cowboy Action Leather?

  • Folks interested in selling our products at your local club can contact us to further discuss qualifications and dealer details.
  • Local clubs can use our products as a revenue source by selling our products to their members.

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