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About Us


Welcome to Cowboy Action Leather – complete line of shooting leather accessories.  We are excited to offer you top-quality leather products at competitive prices.  At Cowboy Action Leather, we strive to provide you with the finest leather products for use in the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting.  We are committed to your success and improvement by using our specially designed, top quality leather products.

We have been making, using, and selling quality leather products since 1997.  Each item of Cowboy Action leather is made to provide years of productive service.  Our leather products use 8-9 oz. weight top-quality leather hides to create Holsters, Belts and Shotgun Slides that are roughly ¼” thick and very sturdy.  Time honored saddle-making methods are used to create a high quality leather product. You can count on years of reliable service and be proud to use them and show them off.

We have many items in stock for fast shipment or we can do any type of custom work you need.  If you are looking for the best-fitting, top-grade leather holster, let us make you a custom holster specifically fitted for you. Our Lassiter Rigs are designed with safety, speed, precision, quality, and longevity in mind.  This is much better than the ‘cookie-cutter’ holsters on the shelf that are designed for a wide array of shooters, but don’t fit any particular shooter just right.

The proof of any product is how well it functions and holds up under hard, constant use.  Lassiter leather products have been tested and proven in competitions across the country so you can be sure you are purchasing a product that serves the function for which it was created and will keep doing it for many years to come. All items were designed and created by Lassiter Thunder, SASS #22846L.  Lassiter has won many major titles in the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting, including Texas State Champion, Southwest Regional Champion, and “End of Trail” World Champion.  With over 300 individual wins from Local to World Championship events, Lassiter Thunder has earned a place among the fastest shooters in the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting.  Speed and accuracy are the cornerstones of successful Cowboy Action Shooting.  Lassiter’s stage times regularly show up in the teens and low 20’s – a great testament to the efficiency and durability of our Lassiter leather products.

 We have produced thousands of products and shipped all over to many satisfied customers.  Whether you are looking for a quality leather holster rig in any configuration, need some leather accessories such as Shotgun Slides, Shotgun Belts or Buttstock Covers, look to Lassiter and “Cowboy Action Leather” to provide you with the best products possible.

If you need a variation or a special requirement, please consider asking for a custom leather item.  We will be happy to work with you to build just what you are looking for.

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